With Demand For Sustainable Seafood On The Rise, Wixter Products Are Now Available Worldwide

CHICAGO (January 2018) – On the heels of the recent announcement that Wixter Market (2110 W. Division St) is expanding its distribution program to include local retailers, businesses and chef/restaurant partners, comes the launch of the full inventory of Wixter product available for purchase via

After experiencing a 22 percent organic yearly growth since opening in 2015, Wixter Market owner, Matt Mixter (Hofseth-Mixter International) says the business is on track for a projected 100 percent growth in 2018. Consumers of the Wixter retail storefront in Wicker Park have come to know the space as a resource for becoming more connected to where their seafood comes from. After steadily amassing a more informed consumer base, investing further in the growing demand for transparently sourced seafood is a logical next step in line with the company’s projected potential. The National Restaurant Association confirms that consumers are looking for trustworthy sources of local and sustainable seafood as the trend has been in the “top 10” of the NRA’s annual survey, ‘What’s Hot,’ for the past 5 years.

Consistent with the exclusivity of their sustainably sourced seafood products, the addition of Wixter’s ecommerce site allows broader access to an inventory with exponential market demand. By offering a consistently high-quality, dependable product, Wixter has become known for unparalleled seafood that is always ethically sourced.

With the addition of Wixter’s pet health and BioCare supplement lines, 100 percent of the fish harvested is utilized for human consumption. In line with sustainable production practices, these product lines were created to optimize the application of traditionally unused or discarded outputs. Naturally derived yields from processing, including cartilage and bone from harvested deboned fish are repurposed as calcium supplements. Extra Virgin Salmon Oil is preserved using a patented “cold fresh release” process that liberates oil gently so that vital nutrients are preserved, making for a healthful addition on top of your pet’s food as a boost of omega rich nutrition.

With the launch of ecommerce purchasing via, Wixter Market is expanding the accessibility of its reliable, high-quality and sustainably sourced seafood.