About Superkhana International

In conjunction with mentor and chef Jason Hammel (Lula, Marisol, Pilot Light), Yoshi Yamada (Lula, Blackbird, Babbo) and Zeeshan Shah (The Biscuit Man, Old Town Social, The Bristol) — the chefs behind one of Chicago’s local pop ups, Bombay Breakdown — are set to open Superkhana International in Logan Square in April 2019. Khana means food in Hindi. As a close friend of both Zeeshan and Yoshi, Jason will act as a “producer” of sorts on the project. The Indian-inspired restaurant will allow chefs Yoshi and Zeeshan to delve into the complex techniques, flavors and spices of Indian cuisine with a distinct “American” lens. The pair met cooking at a James Beard Dinner in New York City and, in 2014, they held their first successful Bombay Breakdown pop-up. The pop-up, which evolved into a series and occurred regularly at the Long Room, combines traditional Indian flavors with local ingredients and modern techniques. Superkhana International will be located at 3059 W. Diversey Ave.