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About Wixter Market

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to retool the ubiquitous “fresh” seafood market concept, Wixter Market (2110 West Division Street) is a sustainable seafood shop, specializing in restaurant grade super frozen and flash frozen product. A passion project stemming from years of high-end seafood procurement, the neighborhood store is owned and operated by Chicago native Matt Mixter (Hofseth International, Hofseth Biocare). From finned fish to bivalves, the seafood selection – frozen at the peak of freshness – is based on Mixter’s longstanding relationships with some of the most sophisticated seafood companies around the world. The market’s retail section will be driven by the same innovative approach behind its unique frozen products. Showcasing a myriad of exclusive chef-prepared tinned seafood from around the world, the market’s shop within a shop will offer a wide array of original companion specialty products. Taking the market’s philosophy, “sustainable from capture to consumption,” to the next level, the store embraces the whole fish concept by offering nutraceuticals derived from seafood offcuts as well. Organically bringing together both form and function, the goal of all facets of the market are based on providing an accessible way for customers to consume more sustainable seafood at a low carbon footprint.

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